5 Ways to Ensure you Finish Each Day with a Calorie Deficit

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Simple and efficient weight loss comes from making sure you have a calorie deficit; that you burn more calories than you take in. Men on average need to eat up to 3,000 calories a day, women averagely need up to 2,000. Burn more calories than you eat and you’ll lose weight. This simple equation sounds easy, but sometimes we all need a few tips to boost our self-control, so how can you make sure every day ends with a calorie deficit, and not a surplus? Try these simple tips and see what a difference they can make.

1. Walk
It’s that simple.  Walk anywhere and everywhere that you can. Don’t take the bus, don’t use the lift, go to the furthest bathroom from you at work- even better if it’s on a different floor and you use the stairs.

2. Swap
Swap to low-fat or sugar-free versions and stick with it. Research shows that it can take 20 exposures to a new food before people will accept it, so don’t try skimmed milk once and then decide you don’t like it!

3. Make habit your friend.
That doughnut with your coffee is a habit- but doing a quick work-out as soon as you come home can be too. Start to make your positive behaviours into habits and you quickly won’t even notice that you’re exercising more and eating less.

4. Keep hydrated
Being thirsty can make you feel lethargic and drains your energy, so that exercise is the last thing you feel like. It can also often lead people to eat more, when what they really needed was more liquid.  Keep a small glass of plain water in the fridge and get in the habit of drinking it every time you open the fridge door. Maybe you’ll find that you start to close that fridge door again without taking anything more calorific than your water.

5. Keep it short and simple
Recent research has found that short bursts of intense exercise can be just as effective as longer sessions. So maybe you don’t have time for twenty minutes on the treadmill, but are you really saying you don’t have time for two? If you combine it with tip number 3 and make it a habit you’ll find your fitness level creeps up without you even noticing.

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