Can you gain muscle on a calorie deficit?

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So...can you really gain muscle on a calorie deficit?

Beat the Myth by Building your Muscle Mass and Reducing your Fat Simultaneously


Yes, read that right. For some time, there have been myths that the goal of building your muscle mass while simultaneously losing your fat is unattainable. Well, I am here to dispel this myth. I am fitness expert dealing with supplements in the UK and also doubling up as fitness consultant. This article will shed some more light into the matter and deconstruct this myth accordingly.


This article is going to change how you perceive fitness exercises, especially for men at the age of 25 to 40 who have a special interest on matters health and fitness. However, if you are a lady and you are also looking to build your muscle on a diet or lose fat and gain muscle, this information is rightly yours too.

The concept of losing fat and gaining muscle

A quick look around and you are going to realise that it is uncommon for people that to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time is actually possible. If you have a passion for fitness, then I should encourage you to pursue that end because this is not an impossible mission to achieve. If you are going to follow through to the latter the instructions herein, you are going to love the results.


It is important to note that this not just a bluff but there is actually sufficient evidence to back my assertions. However, there are some underlying reasons why most people strongly believe that this goal is unattainable.


Firstly, it is a common premise that for you to build your muscle, it calls for the consumption of excess calories and secondly, there must be a significant calorie deficit in your body system for you to actually achieve fat loss. Ideally, building your muscle mass requires consuming a lot of calories to help you burn fat while the loss of fat require you to consume fewer calories. Therefore, basing on these reasons, the only logical reasoning is that it is impossible to do both at the same time making it seem impossible to keep muscle and lose fat.

What is the solution?

The concept behind the ability to keep muscle and lose might seem complex but it is actually the simplicity in the concept that makes it appear complex. It is actually true that your body needs enough calories to really build muscle in your body and at the same time you need a deficit to actually burn fat. You may fail to see it but you should know that body fat is actually the solution in this equation, surprising right?


Let us put this into perspective, let’s assume that you consume approximately 400 calories less from the tentative amount of calories your body needs to perform normally, then there is the question of how your body will compensate for the 400 caloric deficit to enable you to build your muscle mass.


Therefore, to build muscle in a caloric deficit environment, you will have to burn your body fat. This is because in a pound of fat, there are approximately 3500 calories. For seven days in the week with a consumption of 500 calories in deficit, you are able to fuel protein synthesis to build a muscle. This consequently leads to the loss of a pound of fat every week. Could you imagine these kind of results in your fitness regimen? Quite impressive in my opinion.

Trading your fat for a muscle

Basically, what you will be striving to achieve is to trade your body fat for muscle mass. With this in mind, you should understand that it is impossible for your body’s fat tissue to efficiently convert into muscle tissue. You may be asking what exactly can you do? This is it, you just have to trade the fat for the muscle by utilising it for fuel in caloric synthesis. Also, remember that not all the calories in your body found their way in through the mouth.


Even in all this, there is some fundamental condition that you must always adhere to. You cannot achieve this end by the consumption of diets that are high on carbohydrates. Well, unless of course you are genetically gifted. However, you can be one of the few wise men out there and make use of this knowledge to initiate the activation of fat metabolism to help you build mass on diet with remarkable results.


Be one of those guys that restricts the intake of carbohydrates to motivate your body to synthesise your body fat for fuel. To build muscle on a diet, it will cost you roughly three days to achieve your objective.

Build muscle in a caloric deficit

Building muscle mass in a caloric deficit environment simply means that you are ready to become a fat-burner. Even as you do that, remember that consuming diets rich in carbohydrates and trying to create a calorie deficit in your body will only go so far in helping you lose weight but you should know that you are headed to the loss of about 50% of your muscle mass. We both know you don’t want that. This will only lead to stagnation and frustrations and possibly depression.


Losing body fat goes a long way in helping you steer clear of risk of many annoying and chronic diseases and mental issues especially with self-esteem because of your body image. Create a sufficient calorie deficit by expending more energy and consuming caloric deficit diets to lose fat and gain muscle. Just remember that cutting an extreme amount of calories may not really help you keep muscle and lose fat.


Being a certified fat-burner only means that you have gone contrary to the popular belief that the ratio of muscle mass to fat is the most reliable indicator of fitness and health but not your body weight. You will be able to achieve resting metabolic rate. Imagine losing calories even in your rest. Do not just aim for weight loss, aim higher and target to burn fat and gain muscle simultaneously.

What am I saying?

To lose fat and gain muscle is not an impossible endeavour. It is very doable to burn fat and gain muscle if you know what you are doing. I believe that with this article, you are now equipped to face your next objective to build muscle on a diet with knowledge and confidence.


You do not need to be gifted or special to build muscle and lose fat at the same time by continually investing in yourself and having the will to go that extra step because the results will be worth it.


Do not let a negative human being discourage you from building muscle and losing fat at the same is possible. You don’t have to be an expert in matters of fitness, because body recomposition is something that anyone can use to go the extra mile and in get in shape.

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