Green Tea and Green Coffee for Weight Loss

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The number of people embracing fitness is increasing exponentially as the years go by. Fitness calls for a lot of dedication and discipline, a fact a huge percentage of these people are not quite ready to contend with. This is why most people shy away from dedicating some time to hit the gym or engage in physical activities. However, a good number just don’t have the time to put engage in physical activity.

Whichever the case, some ways can help you at least achieve something in your fitness and weight loss journey. There are only a few ingredients that are very instrumental in boosting your rate of metabolism and supplement your weight loss efforts. They are tea and coffee.

You can get these ingredients as green tea extract and coffee extract too. This blog post will delve more into the subject of tea and coffee and relation to fitness and weight loss by individually analysing their perks and their combined impact on weight loss.

Green Tea and Its Extracts

The Camellia sinensis plan is responsible for producing green tea. There is ample research to prove that EGCG green tea extract is a recommended healthful drink with associated benefits such as cardiovascular support and antioxidant status. Even though different parts of the plant are useful, the most useful parts are the extracts from the green teas leaves. These extracts seemingly offer a lot of health benefits and are instrumental in aiding weight loss.

Caffeine and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) are the two primary components from tea extracts that make it very healthy. EGCG green tea extract is responsible for providing a larger percentage of potent antioxidants benefits. The antioxidants metabolise fats them convert them to energy.

Caffeine, on the other hand, is responsible for enhancing fat metabolism and thermogenesis. This is backed by studies that indicate that green tea extract can increase the fat oxidation rate over just 24 hours, which is quite impressive if you ask me.

If you continue consuming tea extracts for extended periods, you will notice modest weight loss of approximately 2-3 kg in about 12 weeks. However, as a fitness expert, I would advise that you combine this with regular exercises for significant weight loss milestones.

Green Coffee and Its Extracts

Coffee extracts are obtained from unroasted coffee beans. The main compound that is responsible for making coffee have its weight loss effects is chlorogenic acid. Although the operation of chlorogenic acid is not quite clear yet, it is believed to have the ability to aid fat loss. It does this by increasing the PPAR-alpha-a gene activity that is involved in the transportation and oxidation of fatty acids. This means that the number of created new fat cells will decrease.

If you consume it regularly, you increase your chances of cutting down your weight even faster. In a study, it was evident that extracts from the coffee bean are more efficacious than green coffee bean powder when it comes to weight loss. Even though you use green coffee bean powder, you may not experience many benefits as compared to using the extracts in your weight loss journey. The reason is that many important nutrients are retained because the beans are not roasted. Roasting and powdering the coffee beans make them lose a lot of vital nutrients. Therefore, always drink green coffee for maximum strength.

Green coffee maximum strength comes from the extracts helping in glucose absorption, which makes it work as an effective energy booster. Furthermore, since it helps in the reduction of carbohydrates, it helps keep your weight in check while controlling the blood sugar too.

Tea and Coffee Comparison

Tea has a higher concentration of caffeine than coffee, meaning that the effects of drinking tea from green teas leaves could be greater than coffee. This also means that you should drink more green tea for maximum strength. It has a huge effect on your metabolism rate thus helping your burn more body fat. Always endeavour to include tea as part of your diet.

Both of these extracts are rich in antioxidants but tea generally has more concentration. The antioxidants are key in aiding detoxification of your body while even helping fight off some types of diseases. Even though the coffee too has some traces of antioxidants, it is lesser than in tea.

When it comes to weight loss, a lot of fitness practitioners are for the use of tea and its extracts as compared to coffee. Tea contains near zero calories, which means that it is great for boosting your metabolism rate. This increases the overall ability of your body to burn fat and reduce weight. Although coffee can also do the same, it does so in a much slower rate.

Take Note

Although these ingredients are pretty instrumental in aiding weight loss when you mix them with milk and sugar, their efficacy reduces by a great deal. Furthermore, it is a simple fact that the consumption of proteins can easily inhibit the absorption rate of the extracts. Therefore, for you to experience green tea maximum strength and green coffee maximum strength, you need to consume them with water. I advise that you do this approximately 2-3 hours before a meal or after.

Additionally, since both of them are rich in caffeine, you have to make sure that you don’t guzzle them. Otherwise, you may end up experiencing the side effects of caffeine including digestive upsets and increased heart rate. This is not good for your health at all and it even beats the logic of consuming them in the first place. Therefore, make sure you consume just enough and they should keep you in good shape. It is always a good idea to take them in small doses when starting then gradually progress.

Practical Approach for Consumption

These ingredients will offer you incredible performance if and when there is minimal caffeine resistance. This means that if you are addicted to coffee, chances that you may not enjoy the benefits from these extracts because they will be less effective.

You should not be fooled just sipping on some tea or coffee daily will give you that kick you require. For a dose to be effective, it should contain approximately 600mg. This is about 8-10 cups. I know, these are too many. In my 16 years of experience in the fitness and weight loss business, I can comfortably advise you to opt for supplements instead. They will make everything easier for you. They contain just the right amount of EGCG and chlorogenic acid in each serving.

If you want to experience the power of these ingredients, I suggest you combine them both. Take a dose of tea in the morning and a dose of coffee in the evening regularly and you will start noticing the difference. However, there are supplements like the T5 Hardcore that contains 20:1 high yields extracts of both ingredients thus incredible for producing optimal results.


If you have read and understood this blog post, then it is up to you to follow through with the advice I have given you. You weight loss journey will never the same again. If you liked the post, you can share it with your fitness buddies to enjoy the journey together.

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