James Pilgrim (The Director)

As the director of a health and fitness company I think it's vitally important that I practise what I preach.  On August 2015 I started a journey from 17.5 % body fat. On 15th April 2016 aged 37 (6 months later) using just T5 Hardcore along with a clean diet and lots of hard training behind me, I recorded some fantastic stats, with a weight of 84.7kg and body fat 9.1%.


Kailey Willetts

I sometimes need to remind myself that I'm 5 stone lighter than when I first started. So to kickstart things I've been taking ebody tablets to give me a little extra push. I've never been one for taking tablets but they've really helped with the energy and motivation, and I'm already seeing a difference after 2 weeks!


Christine Wenham


The bits of weight I had around my hips, even after the 30 day challenge was still there, it was incredibly difficult to shift. I tried everything, except starving myself (which I'll never do..)Never starve yourself. After using T5, the fat went, after two half weeks. I was shocked. The definition is slowly coming along; I am eager to go on this fitness journey and for you to be on it with me! 

It works and it's ridiculous how good I look right now. It's okay to say how good you look after hard work - no pain no gain!

Pictures to prove it! Woo!


Julia Ruizfdz



E-body taken..Great To be able to have an extra push and strength for a long day! Lets see The difference!


Mimi Griffin


Have been taking the T5 weight loss tablets for a few weeks now, started with one a day now on to two per day. I can definitely feel a different only small as of yet but am pleased so far. The caffeine in the tablets is very noticeable, which is good as you feel as if it's doing its job. I can notice the difference in my body mainly on my legs, this is where I tend to hold my weight and am most conscious of so feeling as if they are slimming is amazing. I have tried to take the CLA 1000 but think it was abit much for me to take both at the same time. You get an after taste from the CLA for the day, nothing bad but can taste youv taken something. I will start taking these ones properly once iv finished the T5. Hope this is helpful.



Simona Mauriello


I've been taking ebody for 1.5 weeks so far, increase energy during workouts so i'm getting more done. Also boost stays throughout the day. So far so good, body trimming up nicely.